Crooked Lake Trolls. 2009 in Duluth, MN.

The Crooked Lake Trolls are a father/son team that played together in the early years of the U.S. Kubb Circuit. The Crooked Lake Trolls played in one tournament in 2008 and two tournaments in 2009.

The team consisted of Steve Anderson (lives in Rockford, IL) and son Eric Anderson (lives in Eau Claire, WI). The team name comes from the tiny little hamlet Oskars-Kroksjö where Steve’s cousin lives. The hamlet of four homes is in the forest of Småland, Sweden, where trolls are said to roam. It is located southwest of the tiny village of Alsjöholm.

Kroksjö translates to Crooked Lake. Crooked Lake is located on his cousin’s property.

Kroksjö (Crooked Lake) – deep in the forest of Småland.

Steve’s parents Tage and Linnea were both born in Sweden. All of Eric’s grandparents are from Sweden.

This is a previously unknown fact, but for good luck, they would travel with a hand-carved wooden troll. They were known to talk to it and rub its nose and red hat throughout the day.

The Troll in Lidstrom, MN and along the St. Croix River.

In the summer of 2006, Steve bought Eric and his family their first kubb set, after Eric and his family returned from a year in Karlskrona, Sweden. In Sweden, Eric and his family played with friends and relatives. In 2007, Eric started the first Eau Claire Kubb Tournament. In 2012, Steve earned his U.S. National Kubb Championship 5-year button. Steve has also been a great voice of reason and source of opinions for the evolution of the Eau Claire Kubb Tournament (U.S. National Kubb Championship).

Currently, among other things, Steve can be found playing on The Farfars and Eric with Sweden’s Sons. Both help and play roles with the Rockford Swedish Historical Society Tournament and U.S. National Kubb Championship. They are both still searching for the perfect way to measure off dozens of kubb pitches at one time. Eric cannot get enough discussion of kubb theory.

Both are members of Berserker Kubb. A stateless nation of fearless kubb ambassadors willing to drop anything in order to promote kubb or slay a king on behalf of our fellow warriors.
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Crooked Lake Trolls would like to give an extra special Thank You to Ryan Whitney and Keith Yanes for organizing the first ever tournament that we were able to play in. You two gave us a life-long memory. THANK YOU, Champs.

With Ryan and Keith


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