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Kubb sets from US Championship

So, when my wife and oldest daughter moved from Karlskrona, Sweden to Helena, Montana, we stopped in our hometown for a few days. While packing up to head out to Big Sky Country with our two year old, my dad gave us a Kubb set, as we played it in Sweden with friends and family and told our family back home how great it was.  That Kubb set taught a lot of people in Helena and then it moved to another smallish town…Eau Claire, WI. From there a few people learned the game. That few quickly became dozens, then hundreds, if not over one thousand. Do you want a Kubb set to introduce people to the game? Here is your chance. From the U.S. Championship.


A Little Old School U.S. Kubb

Welcome to the team page for Crooked Lake Trolls.

Steve Anderson (father) and Eric Anderson (son) played in three tournament together between fall 2008 and fall 2009. These were the early years of U.S. kubb. 2008 was before the drill. In 2009, Crooked Lake Trolls introduced the drill to U.S. kubb, although not near at the level one sees it now.

In our team page you will learn a little more about us and our team.