Before they were the Crooked Lake Trolls, they visited Steve’s cousin and his wife in Småland.

Eric Anderson – Eau Claire, WI
Inkastare; Threw last three batons; Late in the day, when Steve’s back would tire, would pick up the batons and kubbs.

Steve Anderson – Rockford, IL
Threw 1st three batons, Kept asking Eric to toss the kubbs deep.

Back in the day:
Tournaments didn’t have the same sets on every pitch.
Some tournaments didn’t have t-shirts (we still have ours from 2008 Duluth though).
Pitches were sometimes stepped off and not measured.
There was no drill and front right corner.
There were no Facebook pages for tournaments.
There were no familiar faces.

Crooked Lake Trolls Results:
2008 UM-Duluth Tournament – Champion

Crooked Lakes Trolls (center).








2009 Nobbele Kubb Klub Tournament – 3rd (Teamed with Ethan Stapp. Yes, the Ethan Stapp that made the Stapp King)

Crooked Lake Trolls (left)








2009 UM-Duluth Tournament – Champion

Crooked Lake Trolls (center)


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    1. swedenssons Post author

      Crooked Lake Trolls is the team with me and my dad. We played in three or so tournaments together. Paul and I play as Sweden’s Sons.


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